Bronx Man Charged with Invasion of Privacy

Was taking pictures in Wegmans Men's Room


HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Hanover Township Detective Earle Seely arrested Mr. Allan Jones, 35, Bronx NY, for invasion of privacy on Wednesday, February 26.

Det. Seely along with other detectives from the Hanover Detective Bureau responded to the Wegmans for a report of an individual taking pictures of others while they use the bathroom.

According to the victim, he entered a stall and sat down to use the bathroom and as he was sitting there he looked up and noticed a phone pointing down at him.

He yelled and immediately left the bathroom and informed his supervisor who contacted the police.

A description of what the individual was wearing was provided and the individual matching that description was located in the men’s bathroom by Det Seely.

After a brief discussion, Mr. Jones was placed under arrest and charged with invasion of privacy. He was then released pending his court date.

Editor’s Note: An arrest or the signing of a criminal complaint is merely an accusation.  Despite this accusation, the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until he or she has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.