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From birth to today….

Parsippany Focus was first released as a monthly printed newspaper on October 1, 1989, mailed to every resident of the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.

At that time, Parsippany Focus was named the “Official newspaper of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC)”. Publisher Frank Cahill was named on the Board of Directors of PACC in 1989, eventually elected Vice President, and then President-elect (but due to commitments with Focus did not continue as President, just remained on the Board of Directors.) He also created a Retail Committee to work with area businesses.

Parsippany Focus converted to a weekly newspaper serving the residents of Parsippany-Troy Hills in June 1991. Eventually, Parsippany Focus was named the legal newspaper of the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills. This was the first weekly newspaper in many years appointed to serve the needs of the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.

Due to competition of newspapers in the late 90s, and the change of advertising markets of major companies devoting their advertising dollars to major newspapers, the advertising revenues of Parsippany Focus decreased to a point where it was not profitable to publish. Focus ceased publication in 1996.

Since then we have received many requests that Parsippany needs a “hometown” newspaper, that covers Parsippany news and events.

Due to the technology of the internet, we have created this website for the people of Parsippany, to publicize the events that involve their everyday life. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, business briefs, honor rolls, club news, community announcements, and school happenings (the same basic information the print version of Parsippany Focus featured from 1989 through the late 1990s). “All Local, All Parsippany.”

We are always looking for freelance writers to take on assignments. We also welcome letters to the editor, story ideas, community announcements, and corrections to stories. If you have anything that you want to publicize, send it to Zoomus Marketing, LLC, 90 East Halsey Road, Suite 304, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054. Our email is news@morrisfocus.com. Don’t forget to include pictures! Our main office telephone number is (973) 559-6000.

Letters to the Editor: Do you have an opinion to express? Send letters to news@morrisfocus.com. Disclaimer: To be considered for publication, letters to the editor must include the writer’s full name, address, and daytime phone number. Letters may be condensed, although care is taken to preserve the writer’s comments (maximum 400 words). Copyright in material submitted to Morris Focus and accepted for publication remains with the author, but Morris Focus may freely reproduce it in print, electronic, or other forms. We are unable to acknowledge receipt of letters. All political letters must be submitted by residents and/or candidates only. All political letters must be received before Noon on Sunday before the election to be considered.

Website Advertising — We have limited website advertising space available. Banner ads, links, and sidebar ads can be purchased monthly and displayed on selected website pages.

Focus Publications routinely publishes reports directly from municipal police and fire agencies. Nothing in those reports should be construed as a finding of guilt, as they are a record of the actions these agencies took on a given day. Morris Focus policies regarding the use of these items are as follows:

Arrest reports, summonses, and any court determination are a matter of public record and can be published without the person’s permission. The newspaper has a right to publish such public information for the benefit of the public.

We do not generally publish the names of juveniles involved in incidents. However, if a juvenile suspect is tried in an adult court (rather than in Family Court), we may name the suspect. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

We will amend a police blotter item only if the person involved has dropped all charges related to the incident or if the person is found not guilty after a trial. This will be done if the matter is brought to the attention of Morris Focus or if the named party notifies us with accompanying legal documentation that would corroborate such a request.

Any posted content that is accurate will not be removed. We do not remove items if the person is granted a Pre-Trial Intervention (commonly called a PTI) or similar program since that is not a finding of “not guilty”. The incident occurred, and it would be wrong to alter the record of an incident in the community if there is no finding that it did not occur.
We will be willing to amend the record of an event if the information provided to us is deficient or wrong.

Corrections, Retractions, and Clarifications
If you would like to request a correction, retraction, or clarification of a news story posted on morrisfocus.com, please email news@morrisfocus.com. Please include as much information as possible, including the link to the story, the date and headline of the story, and the specific portion or portions of the story you request to be corrected, retracted, or clarified.

If the information we report is inaccurate, we will provide a correction, clarification, or retraction, as necessary, at our discretion. We reserve the right to remove, delete or modify any news content on morrisfocus.com, as we see fit. But if a story posted on the Website is correct, we will not remove, delete or modify it. For example, when we report that someone is arrested, that information is still correct, even if the charges may have been dismissed later. Any news content posted about an accurate individual will not be removed.

The Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills proclaimed October 1, 2014, as “Parsippany Focus Day”

“ALL LOCAL, ALL PARSIPPANY™” is a registered trademark of Galleria Associates, LLC. Morris Focus, Parsippany Focus, and Zoomus Marketing, LLC copyright all photographs, stories, and videos.

Parsippany Focus acknowledges Cathy Haddon, Editor, for the hard work she contributed to Focus while publishing the printed version. Many thanks to Cathy.

Parsippany Focus published a printed 25th Anniversary Issue, which was distributed throughout Parsippany, on October 1, 2014.

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