24 Hour Fitness Offers At-Home Workouts to Help Members

De-Stress While Staying Physically Fit During “Social Distancing”


HANOVER — As the country grapples with the scale and impact of the coronavirus, fitness leader 24 Hour Fitness is taking preventive measures to help everyone stay healthy. From their personalized app that lets members continue with their workouts from home, to touch-free check-ins once members are back in the club, 24 Hour Fitness is there to help keep you sane and fit, no matter what the world throws at you.

The 24GO app is the free downloadable personalized fitness app from 24 Hour Fitness. It’s a great option to get in a workout wherever you may be. In addition to valuable content, the app includes over 1,500 workouts to choose from with guidance on how to execute movements.

24GO Touch-Free Club Check-In
Starting now, members can bypass the finger scan and touch-pad system in 24 Hour Fitness® clubs nationwide and use the 24GO personalized fitness app to check in touch-free. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: download the free 24GO app to mobile phone, tap the Touch-Free Club Check-in Button on the home screen to upload a photo and identification, and upon club arrival, open the app to check in.

Stay Accountable. Save Time. Find Your Way
The 24GO app offers a daily exercise prescription tailored to a user’s profile and recent activity for a customized experience. From basic to Premium levels, the 24GO app provides personalized workouts, at home programming, and access to 24 Hour Fitness group exercise class schedules (to easily browse and add classes to your calendar). And, you can chart your progress and goal tracking within a single dashboard. Key features include:

Personalized Workouts: Customized/adaptive fitness plans tailored to you that factor in where you are, how much time you have and what tools you have on hand, including at-home programming when you can’t make it to the club. During an adaptive workout, you can increase or decrease the intensity of an exercise; like or dislike an exercise; skip an exercise; or replace an exercise with another. 24GO observes your feedback and adjusts current and future workouts accordingly. Essentially, the 24GO system can learn from the user and then apply those learnings for future workouts

Personal Workout Scheduling: Including a weekly fitness calendar, that syncs with your mobile calendar to help you stay committed. This includes the flexibility to schedule and plan workouts and classes, and receive alerts and reminders

Progress and Goal Tracking: Record workouts with the option to connect with fitness wearables to integrate health data and workout history into a single meaningful dashboard

Partnership and Accountability: Share your dashboard with your personal trainer and stay on track in between sessions

World-class content from trusted partners on a variety of topics from mind and body, to nutrition, and other valuable topics that correspond with your personal goals and interests

The Future of Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand
24GO is committed to keeping you engaged with fitness every day. It can be found in the App Store and Google Play. The platform can also be used on multiple devices.