Thriving Businesses Amidst the Pandemic in New Jersey


While the end of the pandemic still isn’t in sight, business owners are being proactive and finding ways they can still thrive in the current situation. In fact, tax incentives and other programs are looking to empower small businesses across the country. The Morris County Freeholders recently announced that over $15 million in aid from the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief and Emergency Security (CARES) Act will be shared amongst local businesses.

Small businesses are the backbone of the state’s economy. Fortunately, putting up a business in New Jersey is easy, and is a good way to drum up interest in starting (and even growing) operations. Zen Business lists how forming an LLC can be done through six simple steps in the state, from naming your business’ LLC to applying for EIN and the necessary tax requirements. Although the process is simple, the pandemic is likely to have altered the plans of budding entrepreneurs. Despite this, many businesses are taking up the challenge to see how they can evolve at this time.

To get some much-needed inspiration below is a roundup of local businesses that are thriving amidst the pandemic.

Stew Leonard’s

It should come as no surprise that grocery chains have been experiencing an uptick in business over the last few months. Stew Leonard’s is the perfect example of this, and what’s even more notable is that they’ve been able to meet cleanliness standards while still satisfying customer demand. These cleanliness standards include constantly disinfecting high-touch areas and implementing social distancing protocols.

Part of Stew Leonard’s appeal is that the current health situation hasn’t stopped innovating their operations. Their version of the famous Shark Tank show promises to introduce the newest products to their customers, which in turn incentivizes people to go out and make purchases. What’s more, this emphasis on new items also gives customers a sense of normalcy at a time when everything feels askew.

Eat Clean Bro

Meal delivery services have also surged in popularity over the course of the pandemic. Eat Clean Bro notes that there’s been a 40 percent increase in orders in the last few months. The genius of their business model is twofold. They’re able to take advantage of recent health advisories that emphasize how COVID-19 passes through food while also tapping into the already existing demand for healthy eating.

Business has been so strong that Eat Clean Bro owner Jamie Giovinazzo has recently announced plans to expand into Atlanta and Boston. This astronomical growth is all the more inspiring considering that Giovinazzo started his company by selling food from his friend’s kitchen!

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Thankfully it’s not just food and grocery services that are thriving at this time. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) has been able to successfully shift towards digital operations, which means that people can still stay entertained from the safety of their own home.

While NJPAC’s regular donors have a part to play in the center’s continued success, NJPAC’s increase in social media engagement and constant release of interesting programming has been pivotal in ensuring that the arts stay relevant to patrons. The schedule also includes live events, which further boost engagement while giving customers a reason to stay tuned and keep coming back to their site.

Handling the pandemic hasn’t been a walk in the park for anyone, but it’s good to know that there are businesses out there who have still managed to make the most out of their situation. The success stories of these businesses prove that no challenge is insurmountable, provided you’re willing to do a bit of work and innovate operations as needed.