Morris Surrogate Delivers E Probate Overview for Morris County Attorney’s

Surrogate Heather Darling

MORRIS COUNTY — Surrogate Heather Darling delivered a webinar covering the first round of enhancements to her e Probate online process.

The one-hour webinar was designed specifically for the attorneys that work with probate and administration of estates in Morris County. Since its roll-out in November of 2020, significant improvements have been integrated with e Probate to enhance the client experience, making it more efficient and convenient to complete the probate and administration process for an estate online.

The Surrogate’s office has processed over 700 e Probate cases since its introduction in November of 2020, in addition to in-person appointments and mail processing. The details of the current e Probate application were discussed and Surrogate Darling had an exchange of ideas with the many participating attorneys regarding their experience and future enhancements that will be forthcoming.

This service was developed out of an idea Surrogate Darling presented when running for the Office of Surrogate. She said, “As an attorney practicing in the Surrogate’s Court, it was apparent to me that a significant segment of the clients this office serves is subject to mobility issues of varying degrees.” Darling went on to say, “When I originally forecasted the need, no one would have foreseen the additional urgent need for this service which was brought on by COVID.” A video of the webinar is available online at the Surrogate’s website click here.