Hanover’s Individual and Vocational Education Program is designed for students

Sean Saraiva, Hanover Park High School student, receiving his official blue shirt. Alongside are Michele DePhillppes, teacher of the HIVE program, Rachel Romano, Transition Coordinator for the district and Joe Poulter, Job Coach

EAST HANOVER — The “H.I.V.E.,” Hanover’s Individual and Vocational Education Program, at Hanover Park High School is designed for students ages 18-21 who have been identified as having a need for an extended school program to help them transition into adult life.

The Employment Skills course promotes skills that lead to meaningful and sustainable employment in the community. Within Employment Skills, a major goal is to empower students to be successful and appropriate while at a work site. Work experiences greatly enrich the curriculum and enable students to prepare for adult and working life in a controlled environment.

Career exploration is designed for students to learn valuable employment skills such as  interviewing, resume writing, teamwork, leadership, professionalism, job searching and other work related topics and tasks. Our students also receive life skills training in order to appropriately navigate the social and logistical aspects of employment.

Job sampling and structured learning experiences are initiatives for students to connect the classroom to careers, promoting student engagement in the world of work.

Working within the community allows to create relationships and connections with our student population, as well as community members by encouraging the work to become more meaningful because it is connected to the school experience.

We have been fortunate enough to work with local companies such as Broadway Elite, Pioneer Freight Systems, Walgreens, Little Duck Daycare, Sportscare, PG Chambers, Precision Sports Performance, Petco, The Greater Morristown YMCA, Applebees, The Hyatt House, Barnes and Noble, Harmony House, Cornerstone Adult Day Center, and Best Buy to name a few. One of our students recently received the honorable accomplishment of receiving his official “blue shirt” at a large Best Buy holiday rally. His hard work and training has helped him become an asset to the East Hanover store that continues to foster the training we provide alongside the company on a weekly basis.