Bucco: Glad Legislative Leaders, NJEA Working Together on Reforms to Lower Costs for Taxpayers


MORRIS COUNTY — Senator Anthony M. Bucco responded to a new proposal by legislative leaders and the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) that could lower healthcare premiums for the union’s members and reduce costs for taxpayers.

“I’m glad that legislative leaders and the NJEA are finally working together to negotiate cost-saving reforms that are acceptable to both parties,” said Bucco (R-25). “The announcement is a reflection that everyone agrees the cost of healthcare is too high and more must be done to lower costs for both teachers and taxpayers.”

The Senate President announced that new legislation to effectuate the proposed health plan changes would be advanced alongside a pair of bills supported by the NJEA, including S-1928, which is sponsored by Bucco.

S-1928 prohibits an employer from entering into a subcontracting agreement which may affect the employment of any employees in a collective bargaining unit under any circumstances during the term of an existing collective bargaining agreement covering the employees.

“My legislation will prevent the jobs of our cafeteria and janitorial workers and others who are important members of our school communities from being outsourced to vendors during the term of a contract,” said Bucco. “I think the news today that we’re working to lower healthcare costs for teachers and protect school worker jobs, all while lowering tax bills, is extremely positive.”