Bergen reminds Murphy that Public and Economic Health are Inter-Dependent

Assemblyman Brian Bergen

MORRIS COUNTY — Assemblyman Brian Bergen says for Murphy to continue protecting the health of state residents, he must have an equal focus on the state’s economy.

“He’s right in one sense,” said Bergen (R-Morris). “If the health care system fails, there will be severe, long-term economic consequences. However, if the economy fails, there will be severe, long-term health consequences. That is the part missing right now. You can’t have one without the other.”

Murphy has insisted that efforts to deal with the economic consequences of shutting down the economy have to wait until the state fully recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. He has said multiple times that “then, and only then, do we position ourselves to fully ignite our economy and get the residents of our state back to work.”

Nothing precludes Murphy from focusing on both simultaneously however, says Bergen.

“We can help people protect themselves without creating another widespread depression mentally and financially,” continued Bergen.

Bergen also noted that one out of every six workers in New Jersey are now unemployed while only one in 26 were unemployed just a month ago.

He urged Murphy on Monday to include an economic adviser at his daily briefings on the state’s response to the coronavirus crisis.