Morris Catholic Holds a Food Collection


MORRIS COUNTY — Morris Catholic High School held a Contact-Free Food Drive for Catholic Charities. After hearing that the Father English Center was running dangerously low on food supplies.

They moved swiftly to organize a school-wide Food Drive. Their goal was to fill a trunkload, but managed to fill the entire Catholic Charities van! All were respectful of the drive up, drop off, and drive away policy adapted to make this program run safely. They are so grateful to all who donated during this most difficult time.

They would like to acknowledge: Whitney DuBose, mother of three alumni who helped coordinate the drive with a local parish, Saint Catherine of Siena, Howard’s Mission in Cedar Knolls, and our girl’s lacrosse team who donated their snack money from a lost season to buy goods for those in need. Together we all made a difference.

At Morris Catholic – every student matters, and on Saturday we learned – every donation matters!

Morris Catholic is located at 200 Morris Avenue, Denville.