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Permit Issued for Demolition of 20-26 Parsippany Road

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A permit for the demolition of the structures at 20-26 Parsippany Road (Block 4202, Lot 3 and Block 4204, Lot 1) was issued on May 4. Mobilization and preliminary demolition activities commenced thereafter. The demolition of the structures will include the on-site crushing and re-use of suitable concrete. The precise schedule of the concrete crushing is subject to change due to weather and/or other factors.

The following protocols to ensure environmental safety precautions shall be in place for the management of the on-site crushing and recycling of the concrete in connection with the demolition of the existing structures.

• The property is in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Site Remediation Program. The Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) of record is Richard S. Werner of Environmental Consulting, Inc., who is overseeing the remediation of the property in accordance with the NJDEP’s Technical Requirements for Site Remediation.
• The structure’s concrete was sampled and analyzed and documented in a technical report submitted to the NJDEP. The results of the concrete sampling and analysis determined the areas of clean concrete, which includes the slab, foundations and footings, that will be crushed on-site using a crusher. The clean crushed concrete will be reutilized as on-site fill material for the ultimate development of the project.
• Concrete that does not meet NJDEP safety requirements will not be crushed. The contaminated concrete and soil will remain on-site and placed beneath an asphalt roadway and capped in compliance with NJDEP technical requirements and policies for site remediation. A Deed Notice will also be filed with Morris County at the completion of the project that will document the cap along with other applicable activity and use limitations for the property.
• The concrete crusher is equipped with a dust suppression system located in the crushing chamber and along the conveyor belt discharge. The suppression system utilizes water that will be connected to on-site water supply to mitigate dust from getting into the air.
• Environmental Consulting, Inc., will perform real-time air monitoring during the crushing activity utilizing a particle counter instrument. The site conditions will be monitored along with visual observations of the work area around the crusher.
• If necessary, based on the instrument readings and visual observations, additional dust suppression measures will be implemented to maintain sufficient moisture conditions to mitigate dust generation during crushing activities.
• If meteorological conditions are not conducive for crushing operations (e.g., excessive wind or excessive dry conditions), then the crushing operations will not be performed on those days. A log will be maintained on-site to document the site conditions during the crushing operations.

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