East Hanover Chief of Police Christopher F. Cannizzo Comments on Death of George Floyd


EAST HANOVER — Mayor Joseph Pannullo; Chief Christopher F. Cannizzo, EHPD; the East Hanover Town Council; and Fr. Matthew Kranc, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church have issued the following statement regarding the death of in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

“Fellow citizens, the shocking brutality precipitating the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, does not reflect the values of our East Hanover public safety providers nor is it in keeping with ethos and morals reflected in our community. The East Hanover Police Department is proud and supportive of our township’s diversity, and our law enforcement representatives are trained in appropriate and humane response protocols. Furthermore, as a fully accredited agency, our staff receives constant and ongoing training on topics including but not limited to racial profiling, ethics, harassment, the promotion of diversity, and most importantly, the use of safe and careful restraint techniques.

Our officers are trained to use force as a means of last resort only; in the unlikely event that the use of force is required, our department conducts an immediate investigation into the underlying circumstances leading to forcible restraint. Our goal as peace officers is to safeguard the community while also protecting all citizens, including those whose actions may lead to their detainment. We certainly abhor the violence depicted in the video of Mr. Floyd’s arrest, and we would never engage in or condone similar behavior in our community. To do so would jeopardize the lives of our citizens and tarnish the sterling reputation our officers and staff members have crafted over many years of loyal and heartfelt community service.

Finally, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Floyd during this incredibly painful time, and we pray for the nation as it struggles to come to terms with this senseless tragedy.

Christopher F. Cannizzo
Chief of Police