Hanover Rotary Kicks-Off “Quack Attack” Event

Coming soon to a lawn near you. Beginning September you could be ‘Quack Attacked’

From left are Rocco Sino, Hanover Rotary event chairman, Nancy Leone, Rotarian, and David King, Hanover Rotary president. The Rotary will host "Quack Attack," a different, socially distancing take on the annual Rotary Duck Race fundraiser.

HANOVER — This year Hanover Rotary Club will replace its’ annual duck race with a Quack Attack event. This charitable fundraiser may have you finding a flock of Rotary Ducks on your front lawn – all in good fun. Hanover Rotary hopes you will play along.

The event starts when Hanover Rotarians receive your name from another Quack Attacked family. The ducks on your lawn will shortly be removed to another neighbor that you designate for the price of a donation. Just play along. Following the secured donation message printed on the back of the lawn sign accompanying the duck display and the flock will disappear.

Chairman of the event, Rotarian Rocco Sino says, “ Fundraising is the lifeblood of many service organizations. This year we found an alternative and safe way to raise funds. Hanover Rotary’s motto is “service above self” and your support at this time is greatly appreciated.”

For more information on the Quack Attack or to make a secured donation visit the Hanover Rotary web site by clicking here, or email to hanoverrotaryfundraiser@gmail.com.

All proceeds support the many community service projects of the Hanover Rotary Club.

For further information on this release contact: Rocco Sino, broncoroc@optonline.net, (973) 919-4021.