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Montclair State Announces Spring 2020 Dean’s List


MORRIS COUNTY — Montclair State University congratulates Red Hawks named to the Spring 2020 Dean’s List who excelled during an unprecedented semester–including a transition to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dean’s List, issued after the close of the Fall and Spring semesters by the academic deans, gives recognition to students with a 3.500 or higher semester GPA if a minimum of 12 credits is earned in courses that contribute to the GPA and if there are no IN (incomplete) grades for that semester.

There are 137 students residing in towns served by Focus. They are:

Sunah Choudhry, Boonton
Genevieve Cece, East Hanover
Mario Mejia, Morris Plains
Cassidy McCarthy,  Madison
Ally D’Addezio,  East Hanover
Kenneth Hamel, Morris Plains
Giovanna Di Lauri, East Hanover
Amy Albin,  Morris Plains
Nick Verducci, Parsippany
Megan Leitner, Lake Hiawatha
Pavlo Busko, Parsippany
Meaghan Debenedette, Parsippany
Roqaya Wafa,  Parsippany
Mario Mejia,  Morris Plains
Alyssa Marino,  Lake Hiawatha
Nabil Mamoor,  Parsippany
Arti Patel,  Parsippany
Margarita Dedes,  Parsippany
John Lee,  Parsippany
Shirley Li,  Parsippany
Goutham Prakash,  Lake Hiawatha
Ruby Murad,  Madison
Joseph Pepe,  East Hanover
Emma Wilcox,  Cedar Knolls
Jeffrey Wear,  Lake Hiawatha
Denise Codner,  Lake Hiawatha
CarolAnn Melia,  East Hanover

Edwin Aguirre-Rosas,  Parsippany
Samantha Sanchez,  Parsippany
Aesha Patel,  Parsippany
Federico Perez-Trasante,  Morris Plains
Fatima Yaqoobi,  Lake Hiawatha
Ashley Rosato,  Florham Park
Brenda Wilson,  Cedar Knolls
Houda Sabeh,  East Hanover
Bridget Murphy,  Florham Park
Nicholas Ezzi,  Boonton
Rachel Klemovitch,  Parsippany
Alfonse Napolitano,  Morris Plains
Manuela Murillo,  Madison
Megan Canzonieri,  East Hanover
Morgan Villopoto,  Parsippany
Iman Shamsudin,  Boonton
Nikki-James Soto,  Parsippany
Lydia Parker,  Parsippany
Bobby Ezzi,  Boonton
Kevin Nikiel,  Morris Plains
Jack Keane,  Morris Plains
Zoe Nolz,  Parsippany
Alyssa Feola,  Lake Hiawatha
Talia Wynzel,  Lake Hiawatha
Emily Maute,  Mountain Lakes
Samantha Sheila Cannen,  Parsippany
Lamis Ahmed,  Parsippany
Jamie Bazaral,  Parsippany
Alexis Bellardino,  Parsippany
Connor Preston,  Lake Hiawatha
Kathrina Ramirez,  Parsippany
Ashley Johnson,  Morris Plains
Kelly Coombs,  Parsippany
Kenny Slaman,  Lake Hiawatha
Michael Papaianni,  East Hanover
Lauren Solano,  Florham Park
Denise Rodrigues,  Mountain Lakes
Marco Arredondo,  Madison
Tom Prokop,  Florham Park
Vraj Patel,  Parsippany
Cassie Bodendorf,  Boonton
Tori Launzinger,  Boonton
James Jacob,  Parsippany
Shalin Patel,  Lake Hiawatha
Mychal Villanueva,  Parsippany
Juliana Barnhill,  Morris Plains
Tatiana Rodriguez,  Parsippany
Kathy Lopez,  East Hanover
Patricia Vanderpool,  Parsippany
Alex Angulo,  Parsippany
Zinab Yaqoobi,  Lake Hiawatha
Lexi Becker,  Boonton
Matthew Moran,  Florham Park
Mariam Wali,  Parsippany
Ajanee McConnell,  Morris Plains
Hamzah Turan,  Parsippany
Larissa Salmeri,  East Hanover
Vidhi Patel,  Morris Plains
Juan Quijano,  Parsippany
Ben Earl,  Lake Hiawatha
Mateo Stephenson,  Florham Park
Gina Decroce,  East Hanover
Yasmine Ashour,  Parsippany
Robert Gillo,  Morris Plains
Timothy Rabel,  Madison
Melinda Cazimoski,  Morris Plains
Allison Hofmann,  East Hanover
Gulsah Akyol,  Boonton
Jared Bazaral,  Parsippany
Gabriella Iacono,  East Hanover
Sarah DiPippa,  Parsippany
Kira Welenc,  Morris Plains
Juan Gomez,  Parsippany
Louis Henderson,  Florham Park
Jenna Pontrelli,  East Hanover
Jaydon Lynch,  Boonton
Michael Rigillo,  East Hanover
Megha Patel,  Parsippany
Kelsie Taylor,  Parsippany
Abigail Fletcher,  East Hanover
Courtney Calabrese,  Parsippany
Suraj Makadia,  Parsippany
Gary Lombardi,  East Hanover
Chris Santucci,  Parsippany
Nadya Almganhi,  Parsippany
Justin Green,  Boonton
David Fleitas-Guillen,  Lake Hiawatha
Bhoomika Vachhani,  Parsippany
Patrick Ferreira,  Florham Park
Mirna Kotb,  Parsippany
Jenna Kalynovych,  Cedar Knolls
Sherilyn Ostlin,  Morris Plains
Matt Chan,  Parsippany
Anna Gomez,  Madison
Juliana DeAngelis,  Morris Plains
Michael Primamore,  East Hanover
Sakae Handerson,  Boonton Township
Neel Patel,  Parsippany
Phillip Metta,  Lake Hiawatha
Daniel Rodriguez,  Parsippany
Joyce David,  Parsippany
Jake Fabyanski,  Madison
Alex Olimpio,  Boonton
Nicole Davino,  East Hanover
Manny Gonsalves,  East Hanover
Tony Piccininni,  Parsippany
Julia Krevis,  Boonton
Audrey Huang,  Morris Plains
Cecilia Blanco,  Parsippany
Nina DaCosta,  East Hanover
Kayla Bush,  Morris Plains

Montclair State University is a research doctoral institution ranked in the top tier of national universities. Building on a distinguished history dating back to 1908, the University today has 11 colleges and schools that serve 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students with more than 300 doctoral, masters and baccalaureate programs. Situated on a beautiful, 252-acre suburban campus just 12 miles from New York City, Montclair State delivers the instructional and research resources of a large public university in a supportive, sophisticated, and diverse academic environment.

Frank Cahill
Frank Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since January 1, 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, Lt. Governor of Division 9 Kiwanis Club of NJ, and Chairman of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board. Owner of the Morris now app serving small business in Morris County.

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