Madison Chamber Honored Seven Local Businesses

BuckleBath, 877-567-BATH, Outstanding Business Concept. Pictured: owner Lauren Siclare, Gabriella Buchelli

MADISON — The Madison Area Chamber of Commerce has honored seven local businesses with Business Achievement Awards for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Hat Shop Madison, 18B Main Street, Outstanding Window Display. Pictured: owner, Monika Stebbins

The Chamber’s usual Annual Award Dinner that is held every June was canceled this year to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Snooki Shop, 32 Main Street, Best New Sign. Pictured: manager Gina Cecala & owner, Nicole Polizzi

The Snooki Shop was awarded Best New Sign for its impactful and attractive sign at its new location at 32 Main Street. The Hat Shop Madison, 18B Main Street, was awarded Outstanding Window Display for its creative and innovative window design. The Pink Pear received the Outstanding Merchandising Award for its innovative retailing both online and at its boutique at 28 Waverly Place.

The Chamber honored Sunday Motor Co. for Best Complete Renovation for creating a modern café in a 1950’s gas station building at 27 Kings Road; PC Problems, 50 Main Street, was awarded the Outstanding Interior Renovation Award for a multi-week renovation that created modern and customer-friendly retail space.

PC Problems, 50 Main Street, Outstanding Interior Renovation Award. Pictured owner Carmen DeRosa

Re-upholstery & Restoration, 2 Central Avenue, was awarded the Outstanding Patriotic Display Award for hanging an array of flags and banners on its facade for many years. BuckleBath, 877-567-BATH, which is based in Madison, received the Outstanding Business Concept Award for creating innovative, mobile service business.

Winners were recently presented with framed certificates at their business locations.

“The accomplishments of this year’s winners show there no end to the creativity and care of Madison’s business owners,” said John Morris, president of the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce. “We’re very proud of our members’ continuing accomplishments.”

The Pink Pear, 28 Waverly Place, Outstanding Merchandising Award. Pictured owners, Christine & Paul Kosakowski

The Madison Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc., is an independent, non-profit business league that was founded in 1943. Its mission is to promote its dues-paying members and Madison as a great place to shop, dine, work, and live. Membership is open to organizations and people who want to see Madison thrive.

Re-Upholstery & Restoration, 2 Central Avenue, Outstanding Patriotic Display Award. Pictured: Agnes Lendvai-Lintner, owner, Johnny Thomas, Wiston Alexander