Tayfun Selen Declares Victory

Morris County Commissioner Director Tayfun Selen

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Freeholder Tayfun Selen declared victory today in the Morris County Freeholder race. 73.66% of the votes are counted and Selen was ahead by 11,461 and the gap widens.

Tayfun said “I want to congratulate my opponent, Cary Amaro, on a competitive and hard-fought race that challenged us both in unprecedented ways. After reviewing the recent vote count, I am confident in declaring victory today and want to thank the citizens of Morris County for putting their faith in me. Only in America can someone go from an immigrant who pumped gas to make ends meet 24 years ago to an elected official representing nearly a half million people today. I’m honored and humbled and look forward to making Morris County an even better place to live over the next three years.”

Dem Cary Amaro 127,738 47.80%
Rep Tayfun Selen 139,199 52.09%