Aura Dunn Elected to Full Term in NJ Assembly

Assemblywoman Aura Dunn

MORRIS COUNTY — With approximately 91% of ballots counted out of 124,000 returned ballots canvassed in New Jersey’s 25th Legislative District, Assemblywoman Aura Dunn (R-Mendham Borough) today declared victory in the Special Assembly Election with a decisive, and growing, 4-point, 4,353 vote lead.

“In a year when a record number of Republican women were elected to Congress from across the country, I’m proud and humbled to be selected by the voters to add another female legislator ready to get things done for us in Trenton,” said Assemblywoman Aura Dunn, who was appointed earlier this year to fill the vacancy left by Anthony Bucco moving up to the Senate. “I’m pleased that voters embraced the bipartisan message Senator Bucco and I ran on, and endorsed my long professional career advocating for children, military families, and vital educational programs like Sesame Street. As someone who was born on Medicaid and raised on food stamps, I know I have a special responsibility in Trenton for the countless number of struggling families across New Jersey who need a voice from someone who has walked in their shoes. I pledge to always be a voice for affordability, and to always have their back.”

“I want to thank the endless stream of volunteers and supporters of our campaign, our staff, as well as my family who have sacrificed so much over the last year. I’m proud of the campaign Tony and I ran, building a grassroots campaign that pulled together so many people who are as much of a part of this victory as I am. Finally, I want to thank Ms. Draeger and wish her the best in the future,” added Dunn.

“With the campaign behind us, I’m ready to get my full focus back to helping families and businesses navigate and survive the pandemic, and continue working across the aisle as I have already done on issues like mental health and preservation of vital services provided by our schools.”

The Morris County Board of Elections released updated vote totals last night and posted on the Clerk’s website this morning, showing a 3,962-vote lead for Assemblywoman Dunn in Morris County, on top of a 391-vote lead in Somerset County. This increased Dunn’s margin of victory district-wide to 52-48%. Canvassed ballots that have yet to be counted are projected to be 12-points more Republican, based on publicly available voter registration records. Provisional ballots are estimated at approximately 5,000 in District 25, though not expected to reverse the current results.

While Dunn was appointed to the Assembly in January by the county party committee in District 25, Dunn ran in a special election to fill the remainder of the current legislative term until January 2022. She will be on the ballot again in 2021 for a full, two-year Assembly term beginning in January 2022.