Becchi Voices Concern Over Sherrill’s Antagonistic Disregard for Voter Fraud

Rosemary Becchi

PARSIPPANY — Rosemary Becchi responded swiftly to the Sherrill campaign’s criticism of the report that she sent to the U.S. Attorney’s Office which included the first-hand reports of eleven New Jersey residents who volunteered to oversee the election process in Essex County.

“I am shocked by the blatant disregard for the legal process – especially by a former US Prosecutor. It appears that the U.S Attorney’s Office is taking the claims in the report seriously, and I hope that Congresswoman Sherrill and her campaign will do the same. I call on Mikie Sherrill to join our mission of insisting that the election process is fair and honest in Essex County for future elections.

I appreciate the work of volunteers on election day – and their dedication to the integrity of the election process. These eleven volunteers put their names on statements provided to the authorities and I appreciate their commitment to the democratic process. Voters in New Jersey deserve to have their votes counted in a fair manner, that’s all we are saying” emphasized Becchi.