Chairwoman Ali Says Morris Line Dissenters Are Acting In their Self-Interest, Not Party’s Interest

Laura Ali

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Ali said the obstructionists opposed to the creation of a party line for candidates are acting out of their own self-interest and not for the good of the party.

Ali said the small group of people who filed legal action to stop the Morris GOP County Committee from voting on Saturday, January 16 to adopt a party line are misusing the courts and misleading people to desperately grab power and influence within the party.

“It’s very unfortunate that some people who are used to getting their way are more concerned with obtaining power than in investing in changes that will make our party stronger,” said Ali.

“Creation of a party line will allow our valued county committee members to play a significant role in determining the candidates that will represent our party – bring more democracy to our party than we have now,” said Ali. “For selfish reasons, the opponents of the party line system want to continue to marginalize the county committee – and in the process — disenfranchise them and devalue their work.”

Ali said the party line system will make the Morris GOP stronger and better prepared to face off against liberal Democrats who have been making inroads in the county the last few years.  In fact, she stated, “The dissenters wanted this for years until they didn’t want it when it was initiated under our Administration”.

“The Democratic Party has gotten stronger in Morris County and the Republicans are losing ground because of obstructionists like this who spend their time trying to derail positive forward momentum, instead of spending time getting candidates elected. If objectors such as David Scapicchio and John Sette and their group worked half this hard during the election, Rosemary Becchi and Tom Kean would be in Washington DC as members of the United States Congress” observed Ali.

“So, I have to ask the dissenters if they want to continue on this path until the Democrats take control of Morris County, or are they willing to put their egos and interest aside and become team players and help us build a stronger Morris GOP?  As always, we have a big tent open to all.”

Ali said she has been working with a team of lawyers to bring the party line system to a vote by the county committee and is certain that everything is in order.

“Our legal team has assured me that everything we are doing is within the law and bylaws of our party,” said Ali.