Volunteer Opportunity for Tree Sapling Planting


MOUNTAIN LAKES —  The public is invited to assist the Woodlands Advisory Committee with the planting of shade tree saplings in borough-owned woodlands and pocket parks during the weekend of April 24.

Each year, the committee and volunteer groups plant 300 to 500 new saplings. Saplings are approximately 18” in height and each takes only a minute or two to plant. The committee is able to increase its purchase of additional saplings if more members of the public volunteer to assist.

Those interested should contact Steve Hercek (shercek@gmail.com) or Kirk Swenson (kirkswenson@gmail.com) before March 15, 2021 (groups are welcome to participate).

Planting dates and related information will be announced in April. Since public funds are being utilized for this project, saplings will not be planted on private property.

Participants may be asked to attest that they will only plant the saplings in borough-owned woodlands and pocket parks.