Fundraiser to Help Bill Guerriero and Allison Recover from Fire


FLORHAM PARK — On February 21, 2021 Bill Guerriero and his daughter Allison lost their home to a devastating house fire.

While Bill is physically fine, sadly Allison is in the hospital burn unit recovering from injuries sustained in the fire.  While she will be in the hospital for quite awhile. she will recover.

Besides the shock of the entire situation the devastation of the fire was realized when Bill and his sister-in-law went to the house to try and recover whatever items they could.

Bill grew up in Madison and has been a local businessman who has lived in Florham Park, for 50 years.

His daughter Allison has lost all of her belongings and clothing in the fire. Bill was gratefully able to recover/salvage many of his and his deceased wife’s belongings. Obviously there is lots of repair/reconstruction work that needs to be done in addition to the time it will take Allison to recover in the hospital.

We as a community are creating this page so Allison may purchase clothing and pursue alternative living arrangements once she is able to do so, Additionally she may have unpaid medical expenses from her injuries.

Please consider on making a donation through GoFundme, by clicking here.