Jessie is Seeking Her Ideal Home


MORRIS COUNTY — Jessie’s ideal home would be one where she gets all the attention! She’s a real lap hog. Jessie needs insulin shots twice a day so the family must be comfortable administering these (she doesn’t even flinch!) and be home more often than not. Kids: 10 years or older; Dogs: may be able to live with another relaxed, older dog; Cats: may be able to live with another relaxed, older cat; Crate Trained: Jessie prefers the couch or her bed–she’s a princess! House Trained: Yes. Leash Manners: Enjoys short walks and is fine on leash. She does bark at other dogs when they pass

Personality: Cuddles. Snuggles. Repeat. This is life with Jessie. The kind of snuggle partner family members fight over because everyone wants her on them all the time and she wants the same. Jessie is friendly, happy, and really enjoys the company of other people.

Health: Jessie requires insulin twice a day, 12 hours apart. Her current schedule is to get them at 730am and 730pm time and she needs a family who can commit to this schedule. She was used for breeding to excess and you can see the toll on her stretched-out body. She had untreated diabetes and cataracts and, within two weeks of arriving to WISE, she lost her vision completely and we began the journey to find the right dose of insulin which she requires now twice a day forever.

Why did she come to WISE?: Jessie was no longer useful to her breeder and was surrendered to the rescue after years of overbreeding. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application on our website by clicking here.

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