Freeholder Darling Participates in Women in Politics Panel

Surrogate Heather Darling

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Freeholder and Republican candidate for Surrogate, Heather Darling, addressed an audience of Morris County College students and faculty about issues facing women in politics. As one of only four women currently holding countywide office, Heather Darling hopes to serve as a role model to young women considering a run for public office.

In her remarks, as part of the panel, Darling discussed the barriers to entry women often face when seeking office, how she is optimistic that those barriers are being overcome, and that female politicians are becoming more mainstream and accepted.

“Today, the number of women in politics is growing exponentially and it has come into favor with the voting public. As a Freeholder, and potentially the first female Surrogate in Morris County, I hope to inspire a new generation of female candidates.”


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