Delicious Flapjack Breakfast held by Whippany Fire Department

Members of Whippany Volunteer Fire Department working the flapjack breakfast fundraiser

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — On Sunday, March 24, the Whippany Fire Department held a successful flapjack breakfast consisting of flapjacks, sausage, scrambled eggs, sausage and orange juice.

Barbara Freda and Henry Hansch III
Lorelei and Mike Kelly enjoying the pancake breakfast
Cathy Ferramosca and Hanover Township Mayor Ronald Francioli
Henry Hansch III and Derrick Shearer
Tim Kelly, Evans Woytas and John Geffins preparing the plates to serve to the guests
Joe Makowski preparing the pancake batter
Tom Braviak preparing the pancakes

The mission of the Whippany Fire Department is to strive for excellence in the performance of our duty and in the service we provide to all citizens. They shall be an organization of men and women who hold devotion to duty above personal risk. They will count sincerity of service above personal comfort and convenience. They shall strive increasingly to find better ways of protecting our fellow Firefighters and the lives, homes, and property of our fellow citizens from the ravages of fire and other disasters.

Volunteering with the Whippany Fire Department is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences you will find. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. They have members from law enforcement to the trucking industry. Our volunteers are parents and students. Our volunteers have careers and families, yet they give of their time and talents freely, to help answer the call of those in need.

Members dedicate their time and talents to answer hundreds of emergency calls each year. In addition, they attend monthly business and training meetings, help with fundraisers, keep vehicles, buildings and equipment, clean and in working order, and all the other “behind the scenes work” that goes on.

This is not meant to scare off would be volunteers, but to give a sense of what the dedicated men and women in your community go through for you and your family. The reasons people volunteer vary, but the outcome is always the same…help and compassion toward our neighbors and families, and a gift back to the community.

For more information on joining the Whippany Fire Department, click here.


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