Tax day is Monday, April 15. How do I file a tax extension for 2019?

As deadline approaches, IRS projects historic volume of tax filing extensions


MORRIS COUNTY — Tax day is less than a week away. Taxpayers have until Monday, April 15 to file their federal and state returns.

If you haven’t filed yet and are feeling pressed for time, you may want to consider getting an extension. Filing an extension will allow you to push your deadline back six months to October 15, 2019. It’s important to keep in mind an extension only pushes back the due date for the filing of your tax documents. It does not give you extra time to pay on any taxes you may owe.

It’s important to file on time or get an extension so you don’t get hit with a late-filing and/or late-payment fee. The IRS doesn’t care what your reason is – procrastination, lost documents or a family emergency – you’ll automatically get six months more time with an extension.You can e-file an extension for free using any of the Free File software offered by the major tax preparation companies. These often help you estimate your tax due so you can make a payment. Click here to print out Form 4868 and mail to Internal Revenue Service Department of Treasury, P.O. Box 931300 Louisville, KY 40293-1300 by April 15, if you are including a payment.  If you are not required to submit a payment send the form to Internal Revenue Service, Department of Treasury, Kansas City, MO 64999-0045.

Morris Focus suggests you contact your accountant for additional details.