Letter to the editor: Letter in reference to Home2 and Wawa


parsippany focusDear Editor:

This letter was sent to Mountain Lake’s Mayor Barnett and The Mountain Lakes Council:

I would like to take a moment of your time to express my concerns for the Hotel and Wawa that is being proposed to the Borough of Mountain Lakes.  I am a resident of Parsippany and live off Fox Hill Road and  travel past the proposed site whenever I leave or return to my home.  The Morris Focus has a quote from Jim Smith, a Partner of Highview Homes as saying “Developer doesn’t see any impact on the surrounding area, since both businesses are highway driven and there is no reason to exit into the local neighborhoods.”

As a resident, I beg to differ and believe the current plan will in fact impact me as well as  any others who live along the Fox Hill Corridor.  Mr. Smith makes reference to both businesses being highway driven, yet the current plan only has one access point along the Route 46 with two planned access points along Fox Hill Road. If these businesses are highway driven, why is there only one access point for a 100+ room hotel and a convenience store with a gas station. Truth be told, any west bound traffic heading to these locations will be diverted onto Fox Hill Road as a primary entry point onto this proposed property.  There is no doubt in my mind that this will only create more congestion during the morning when busses head to Morris County Vo Tech and in the evening when the residents of the Fox Hill Corridor return home from work.

While I’ve come to realize that projects such as these will benefit the Borough, I respectfully request that the Borough take into consideration the concerns of the  neighboring communities. It is my belief that many are opposed to the current plan and will take advantage of public meetings. If the possibility exists, the Borough may want to consider holding a special meeting so that residents from surrounding communities can address any concerns that may exist  and be presented with facts from the developer and Borough.

Thank You in advance for your time
Andrew Sadowski
Parsippany Resident