Senator Pennacchio Speaks Out Regarding Impeachment Testimony

Senator Joseph Pennacchio. File Photo

Statement following first day of public impeachment testimony.

After hearing testimony based on second and third party hearsay it is vital that the Congressional Committee hear directly from the Whistleblower. Complicating his ability to testify is that The Chairman of the that Committee, Adam Schiff, claims he has no knowledge of who the Whistleblower is??? Seriously??? That the American public is suppose believe that Schiff does not know who the Whistleblower is but a direct Statement from the Ukrainian President that our President did not pressure him in anyway is discounted by the very same Adam Schiff. Schiff feels a need to keep the supposed Whistleblower shielded for protection, yet the same supposed Whistleblower has no problem going public to create a GoFundMe Page with over a quarter of a million dollars in that account. Americans are paying attention and they don’t like what they see.

Senator Joseph Pennacchio
New Jersey’s 26th Legislative District