Meet Boo, the sweetest poodle you’ve ever met


MORRIS COUNTY — This 13-year-old was surrendered to a local shelter and then rescues by Wise!

His foster dad says that he can almost always be found lounging in a big comfy couch –unless you’re on the couch–then, you can find him right by your side watching TV! Boo loves a good cuddle session.

Boo has an issue with his leg but that does not slow him down one bit. He loves loves loves going on walks and walks just fine. Rain, shine, or snow, he is the happiest boy when he is galloping down the sidewalk! Boo likes saying hi to other dogs and loves living with his two foster doggy siblings.

He can live with children 13+ as he is looking for a quieter home and is partially blind. We also think he may be able to live with cats!

Boo is a chill, happy-go-lucky senior who is looking to spend his golden years with you.

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