Florham Park Affordable Housing Presentation

Borough of Florham Park

FLORHAM PARK — Florham Park has a long history of satisfying its Mt. Laurel obligation. Florham Park Third Round Obligation is 1,024 units. The Borough received credits for 74 Units (Rehabilitation Need), 326 units (Prior Rounds Obligation (1987-1999) for a total of 624 units remaining (Capped Prospective Need (2015 -2025). The attached document will show locations, amount of affordable housing, total number of units built, or proposed to be built.

Click here to view the Affordable Housing Summary provided to the Public on January 22, 2020.

A little history:

  • On or about July 7, 2015, the Borough filed a declaratory judgment action seeking judicial confirmation of its compliance with its Mt. Laurel obligation and protection from builder’s remedy actions.
  • The Borough also filed a motion for temporary immunity from builder’s remedy actions pending resolution of the case –which was granted by the Court
  • The Borough met every deadline in the litigation imposed by the Court and sought to resolve its obligation through negotiation.
  • The Court appointed a Special Master, who oversaw the litigation and assisted in mediation with the parties.
  • Several developers intervened in the litigation or participated as interested parties: Including the Sisters of Charity, Garden Homes, Alfieri, B&B Associates, and others.
  • Expert reports on each town’s affordable housing obligation were filed with the Court and challenged by the parties.
  • The Borough engaged in a lengthy mediation process and sought to reduce the high obligation claimed by FSHC.
  • The Borough ultimately settled in January 2017 and received a Judgment of Compliance and Repose in March 2019.