Warren Carter Charged with Theft and Shoplifting

File Photo

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Officer Dan Foesel charged Mr. Warren Carter, 75,  Parsippany, with theft, on Thursday, February 6. Officer Foesel took a report from a victim who stated he had made a purchase at the Walmart and mistakenly forgot to grab his change which was $50.00.

When the victim realized he forgot his change he called Walmart who advised them they will check the surveillance cameras to see where the money may have went.

The video captured Mr. Carter approaching the cash register and taking the $50.00 and placing it in his pocket. He then left the store without paying for items he had in his possession as well.

Surveillance video followed Mr. Carter to his vehicle which is how he was identified via his license plates.

Officer Foesel prepared and mailed a complaint warrant for theft and shoplifting which a court date for Mr. Carter to respond.