Mountain Lakes High School Closed from March 16 to March 27; Distance Learning Plans in effect

Mountain Lakes High School

MOUNTAIN LAKES — The following information was released from Dr. Beth Azar, Acting Superintendent, Mountain Lakes High School:

Developments across the county, state and country are changing very quickly.  

I continue to be in contact with Dr. Chris Angelillo, Boonton Township Superintendent, our County Superintendent, local health officials, Department of Education officials, a network of superintendents, and others in order to arrive at the most responsible and proactive measures for the students and families in our school district and community with regarding Covid-19.

At this time, I am unaware of any suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Mountain Lakes. The recent NIH recommendation to “avoid large crowds and the most recent CDC guidelines for schools includes the recommendation to avoid mixing of grade levels and classes.”  In addition, Governor Murphy recommended the cancellation of all events statewide with more than 250 people. It is expected that the Governor will make additional recommendations today regarding school closures.

On Monday, March 16, all Mountain Lakes Public Schools will be closed using an emergency snow day. Beginning Tuesday, March 17 through March 27, we will be enacting our Distance Learning Plans. All extracurricular and school-related activities and events are suspended during this time. At the end of the two-week period we will reassess and make a determination as to whether a continued closure of school is necessary.  We will also continue to monitor all events associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and consider additional alterations to the school calendar if necessary.

We understand the significant impact that a change like this can have on our community, and did not come to the decision lightly.  Social distancing is known to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and we want to take every precaution to protect the safety and wellness of all community members.  Local health officials have strongly advised that students should continue to practice social distancing even when schools are closed.

This afternoon, you will receive further guidance from the building Principal regarding specific expectations and procedures for the continuation of instruction over the next two weeks. We will also provide an update regarding school related events such as Board Meetings in the next few days.

Please contact me at anytime if you have questions, suggestions or concerns.

I wish you all good health and thank you again for your support and patience.

Kind regards, Dr. Beth Azar, Acting Superintendent