Atlantic Health needs Personal Protective Equipment


MORRIS COUNTY — Atlantic Health and Hackettstown Medical Center are looking for our help.

They are reaching out to our local business partners to see if they have a limited stock of personal protective equipment that they might share with Atlantic Health System during this challenging time.

There are three ways in which you can help our community and Atlantic Health:

1. Provide the following personal protective equipment: a. N95 Masks b. Eye Protectors c. Sterile Gowns d. Surgical Gloves e. Regular Masks

2. Provide Atlantic Health with alternative respirators* that OSHA has given permission to use in health care during this historic pandemic

3. Provide Atlantic Health with staff who can assist us in our OSHA required Respiratory Protection Program. This includes any or all of these services: a. Fit-testing of these alternate respirators* b. Cleaning and maintenance of the non-disposable respirators c. Assistance with program administration

Please contact Jenny Collins at Atlantic Corporate Health at (973) 971-7106 or for more information or to arrange a donation of supplies.