Coronavirus Update: New Jersey Nursing Home Evacuated

Residents Moved to Care One - Whippany

CareOne, 101 Whippany Road, Whippany.

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — All of the residents of a coronavirus-stricken St. Joseph’s Seniors’ Home Nursing Center & Assisted Living, Woodbridge, now presumed to have the virus, are being moved to Hanover Township.

New Jersey health officials said in a news conference on Tuesday that many of the residents of the St. Joseph’s Senior Home had taken ill, and many of the staff were out sick as well. That meant there were just three nuns left to take care of nearly 100 people. (Click here to read Governor Murphy’s Order).

The order stated “The basis upon which the order is justified is the significant spread of COVID-19 in New Jersey, the high number of COVID-19 cases at the facility and inadequate staffing at the facility to care for its residents.”

Of the 94 total residents, 24 are now positive for COVID-19 and the other 70 are “presumptive positive,” government sources. They residents are being moved from the Woodbridge facility to a CareOne, 101 Whippany Road, Whippany.

St. Joseph’s Senior Home

“Hanover was NOT consulted on this matter – and will respond to the State accordingly. Be assured all our municipal agencies, police, fire, administration as well as board of health and county board of health, have met to review protocols to insulate our public and first responders from any risk at all stemming from this care facility,” a message posted on Hanover Township website.

St. Joseph’s Senior Home, a Catholic faith health care facility, located in Woodbridge,  offered their residents a home away from home. The facility consists of a 51-bed Nursing Center and a 56-bed Assisted Living. Private and semi-private rooms are available, including some units with kitchenettes.