Webber Sends Letter to Murphy About Closing State Parks; Sets up Online Petition


PARSIPPANY — Assemblyman Jay Webber didn’t hesitate to ask Governor Phil Murphy to reverse his decision to close state parks and forests. He sent a letter to the governor shortly after the executive order was signed (Click here to read letter).

“We recognize the incredibly difficult challenges you face every day as our beloved State battles the COVID-19 crisis.  We have and remain supportive of you and your administration as we go through this trying time together,” wrote Webber. “Your decision to close our state and county parks, however, is wrong for public health and our state’s residents.”

Webber pointed out that Murphy has promoted fresh air and exercise to help people cope through the pandemic. The assemblyman noted that people have been diligent about social distancing, and that the state parks of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and even California remain open as they employ appropriate social distancing guidelines in those states.

“Respectfully, Governor, you should trust us more.  We are fully capable of making intelligent, common-sense, and responsible choices that permit us to both to meet our obligations to the fight against COVID-19 and use our state and county park resources for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being,” wrote Webber.

Webber has set up an online petition on GoPetition.com (Click here), and is urging members of the public opposed to the executive order to sign it.