“Parsippany Supporting Our Town” Distributes 37 Easter Baskets

37 Easter baskets made with love by the Kraus Family from Items donated from Stop & Shop Morris Plains

MORRIS COUNTY — “Parsippany Supporting Our Town” with items donated from Stop & Shop (Morris Plains) were able to prepare and distribute 37 Easter baskets.

The baskets were made by the Kraus family and Finaldi family. The baskets were delivered by the team at Kraus Marketing: Justine Roche, Sam Codd, Michelle Kraus and Nicholas Kraus.

Nicholas Kraus picking up the donations from Stop & Shop

Thirty-three baskets were distributed to the children of Jersey Battered Women’s Service and another four for the children of St Peters Village Orphanage in Denville!

Nicholas Kraus loading his SUV after his family prepared 37 Easter baskets

In just three weeks, “Parsippany Supporting Our Town” supplied over 2,100 meals to various groups, first responders, hospital employees and more. The group received $38,000 in donations, purchased $1,500 PPE for Parsippany Police and Parsippany EMS. They have 3,981 members of their FaceBook group (Click here). In addition they paid out over $23,000 to local businesses by purchasing meals.

Northpointe Bank sent $3,400 directly to the Jersey Women’s Battered Shelter; Donations from Stop and Shop for Easter baskets for 37 kids in Jersey Battered Women’s Shelter and St. Peters Village Orphanage.

“And a great feeling of community and as much positive that could be out there in this tough time,” said Chris Mazzarella, one of the groups organizers.

To request a meal, volunteer or to donate click here.

The baskets were made by the Kraus family and Finaldi family