Primitive Pet Portraits FUNdraiser; Wise Animal Needs Your Donations


MORRIS COUNTY — During the COVID-19 quarantine Wise Animal Rescue needs to maintain their sense of humor while continuing to do what they do – care for animals.

With this in mind, they announce their “Primitive Pet Portraits FUNdraiser.”

This ridiculous but fun idea is to bring you a bit of laughter during this challenging time as well as to help raise critically needed funds for the animals.

Want a portrait of your pet? And do you not care if it is really good or really bad? Well, you’re in luck!

If you donate $20.00, they’ll draw a primitive portrait of your pet.

They have dedicated volunteers of all ages and varying artistic talent eager to turn your pets into a timeless work of art — or at least make you laugh. (Some can’t draw their way out of a paper bag!)

Your pet photograph and artist portrait will be posted side-by-side on their Facebook page!

Click here for more information.