Bergen Amendment to Stop State from Increasing Personal Debt Rejected by Democrats

Assemblyman Brian Bergen

MORRIS COUNTY — Democrats passed on the chance at giving cash assistance grants to hospitality industry businesses, instead of requiring them to apply for state loans that have to be paid back.

Assemblyman Brian Bergen noted that the funding for the program (A3959) is from federal grants to the state, and the state would be benefitting itself on the backs of struggling business owners.

“Any money that is given to a state as a grant, in my opinion, should be given out as a grant, not as a loan,” said Bergen (R-Morris) during Assembly session. “As a business owner, I can tell you loans are something that can kill a business, and they are not the answer. Particularly in a crisis.”

His amendment was voted down along party lines.

“The state shouldn’t be benefitting off the backs of the people we are charged with helping. All of this money can be used as grants and should be used as grants, and I believe it’s wrong to do anything else,” continued Bergen.