Donations Needed for Fire Victims of William Street


    BOONTON — Due to the devastating fire that happened on William Street on the night of June 26, many families and individuals have been displaced from their homes. The current COVID-19 pandemic has immensely affected many residents.

    Various GoFundMe and FaceBook donation sites have been set up.

    As of this morning below appears a list of families and what is needed:

    The residents that lived in 209:

    Miles Koehler (injured)

    Drop Off donations: 2 Sycamore Lane, Boonton

    What is needed: will be updated soon

    Racquel Diaz and family (2 children):

        • Facebook: Click here
        • Drop off donations: 120 Cornelia Street until July 2nd.
        • What is needed: (Please add or edit below)
            • 11-year-old boy, size XL, Shoe size 9
            • 20-year-old boy size M, Shoe size 8, Pants 30
            • Dad, size XL, Pants 36, Shoe size 11
            • Mom, size XL, Shoe size 8

          Ruben (Raquel’s husband) (works at Reservoir Tavern)

              • Donate by clicking here
              • Donations can also be brought to the Reservoir Tavern

          Jeffrey Knoblauch and Eric Schnee of Organ Dealer

          Residents that lived at 207:

          Francisquini Family:

    What is needed:

          • Adult Woman: Pants Size: 10, Dresses: Medium/10, Blouses/Shirts: Large
          • Male 23 years old: 2XL shirts and bottoms
          • Male 20 years old: XL shirts and bottoms
          • Male 15 years old: XL shirts and bottoms

    Nicole Garcia
    GoFundMe: Click here.