MCYR Chair Supports Line

Chairman - Justin Musella (Parsippany)

MORRIS COUNTY — “As Chairman of the Morris County Young Republicans, it is my duty to support the efforts of our Party’s initiatives to help us become more effective and successful as an organization. With the coming vote of a Morris County Committee Endorsement process on January 16, I, therefore, encourage all county committee members to vote yes. I further ask that all young Republicans encourage their respective county committee members to also support this proposal,” said Justin Musella.

“I strongly believe that a formal County Committee Endorsement process will be of overall benefit to the Party and more specifically—to all our young Republicans. A County Committee Endorsement process levels the competitive landscape from campaigning to 133,000 registered Republicans to approximately 660. The barrier to entry is very high for younger newcomers and having a more level playing field against well-financed incumbents can significantly help us moving forward.  This ability to encourage newcomers to seek the County Committee Endorsement will be a vital tool for success while it enables young Republicans to have a larger say in who we elect as our future Republican candidates.  It will also provide a great reason and benefit to serving on the county committee,” continued Musella.

The time has come for us as an organization to help our Party get to the next level, so I ask you to please vote YES on January 16.