Judge Rules Overwhelmingly in Favor of Morris GOP

Laura Ali

MORRIS COUNTY — Superior Court Judge Berdote Byrne has ruled in favor of the Morris County Republican Committee (MCRC).

In her decision, Judge Berdote Byrne denied the plaintiff’s claims, calling them “recklessly misleading” and “not supported by the factual evidence”. In this admonishment, she also ordered the plaintiffs to reimburse MCRC for all legal costs.
“We are pleased that the Judge affirmed what we already knew and are looking forward to our meeting on Saturday where the County Committee will finally have their voices heard”, said Chairwoman Laura Ali.
On Saturday, February 6, MCRC members will vote on a bylaw modification to adopt a county line in Morris. The proposed adoption will give Morris County Committee members the power to endorse candidates in a primary – a role that nearly every duly elected committee person in the state already holds.