Prosecutor’s Office Detective Supervisor Commended for Helping an Individual in Crisis

Chief of Detectives Christoph Kimker, Detective Supervisor Spence Osaigbovo, and Acting Morris County Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll

MORRIS COUNTY — Acting Morris County Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll and Chief of Detectives Christoph Kimker presented a commendation to Detective Supervisor Spence Osaigbovo for his efforts in helping a distraught individual in crisis, on Monday, May 17.

On April 23, 2021, Detective Supervisor Osaigbovo was contacted by a distraught, former victim, who advised the officer that she had just ingested pills in an effort to take her own life. Detective Supervisor Osaigbovo talked to the individual over the phone, keeping her calm and obtaining crucial information to ascertain her location. Detective Supervisor Osaigbovo successfully determined her location and the appropriate agency was dispatched.

Detective Supervisor Osaigbovo is being commended for his commitment to duty, ability to remain calm, and recognize the importance of dealing with individuals with mental health issues.

Acting Prosecutor Carroll said, “We commend Det. Supervisor Osaigbovo for literally preserving the life of a person in need under very challenging circumstances. His effort and skill in continuing his life-saving dialogue with the subject yet keeping his focus on identifying the location where help could be sent is an outstanding example of excellence in policing.”