Flu Shots Now Available at New Jersey Stop & Shop Pharmacies

Flu vaccine may be administered alongside first-time and booster COVID-19 vaccines


MORRIS COUNTY — With the CDC urging everyone 6 months and older to get a flu vaccination by the end of October, Stop & Shop today announced that flu shots are now available at its pharmacy locations across New Jersey. Per the State of New Jersey, Stop & Shop’s trained and trusted pharmacists are authorized to immunize patients 10 and older without documentation from their physician, and those 7 to 9 years of age with a patient-specific prescription and parental or custodial consent.

Customers in need of a COVID-19 vaccine or Pfizer COVID-19 boosters can receive both the flu and COVID-19 vaccine at once as the CDC has indicated that these vaccines may be administered alongside one another with no need for a waiting period. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are available to patients 12 and older, and boosters to eligible individuals, all depending on individual store supply.

Stop & Shop is taking extensive health and safety precautions at its pharmacies and has secured additional stock of the flu vaccine, anticipating higher demand because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Stop & Shop has enhanced its health and safety protocols for vaccinations at all its pharmacies. To receive the flu, COVID-19, or other vaccine, customers will be required to wear face coverings, and pharmacists will be equipped with face coverings and gloves. The immunization area will have strict disinfecting and sanitization measures in place between each patient.

“Stop & Shop is ready to take care of its communities across New Jersey this flu season,” shares Jim Dinicola, Manager of Stop & Shop Pharmacies in New Jersey. “We are well-stocked and offer same-day immunizations without appointments. While prices associated with vaccinations are dependent upon customers’ insurance plans, most flu shots end up being low or no-cost. Stop & Shop aims to make it easy for everyone to get the care they need this fall.”

Stop & Shop offers several types of flu vaccines, and its licensed, trained, and trusted pharmacists can help each patient select the type that is best for them to address any concerns about allergies, preservatives, or potential adverse effects. Stop & Shop pharmacies also have an ample supply of COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer COVID-19 boosters, shingles, pneumonia, and tetanus vaccines available, and customers should consult their local Stop & Shop pharmacist on all other immunizations that may be available and valuable to them and their families.

To find a Stop & Shop Pharmacy near you, to view which vaccine is available in your local Stop & Shop Pharmacy, or to schedule, a vaccination appointment click here.