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Assembly Candidates Torres and Salvatore Join ‘Team LD25’


MADISON — Dr. Jonathan Torres of Randolph and Diane Salvatore of Madison announced their candidacy for State Assembly in District 25, joining previously-declared State Senate candidate Christine Clarke of Jefferson on “Team LD25.” The redrawn LD25 includes 19 towns in Morris and Passaic counties: Boonton Township, Butler, Dover, Harding, Jefferson Township, Kinnelon, Madison, Mendham Borough, Mendham Township, Mine Hill, Morristown, Morris Township, Mount Arlington, Randolph, Rockaway Borough, Rockaway Township, Victory Gardens, West Milford and Wharton.

Dr. Jonathan Torres is an award-winning family medicine physician and physician educator, a dedicated Scouts BSA leader, and a father-of-two running for State Assembly to ensure patient care decisions stay between patients and their doctors and are not made by politicians or insurance companies. Torres works in the Department of Family Medicine at Morristown Medical Center and founded the osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal medicine residency program in 2016. He also oversaw a COVID-19 unit during the pandemic in 2020. His extensive education and experience as a physician educator give him unique insight into combining individual needs, family values, objective data, science, specialist input, and stakeholder positions to collaborate on the best pathways forward while maintaining high ethical standards in outcomes. Torres looks forward to bringing those insights to service for District 25 in the statehouse.

“I’m grateful to be a member of this team, working together to serve New Jersey,” said Torres. “I entered medicine to help people live better, healthier lives. I was taught how health can be affected by biological illness and social and emotional factors. But as I have practiced medicine, I have also seen the opposite: people whose health issues have cost them their jobs, their homes, their family, and more. I have realized that to heal truly, we must work together to improve access to healthcare, protect the environment and education, make New Jersey more affordable, and defend individual liberty.”

Diane Salvatore is a magazine and digital journalism professional and a four-time Editor-in-Chief, including for Consumer Reports, Prevention, and Ladies’ Home Journal, where she focused on creating high-quality, mission-based journalism to improve people’s lives through community and policy change. Salvatore has been inspired by the power of authentic collaboration between elected officials and motivated citizens on issues ranging from food safety to hospital funding, from women’s health care to prevention of gun violence, and more. She is running for State Assembly to make New Jersey an excellent place for new retirees and seniors to thrive by advocating for creative, thoughtful, affordable living and housing options with greater cross-generational planning in our neighborhoods.

“I’m proud to be part of this ticket of deeply committed public servants,” said Salvatore. “In my journalism career, I have seen up close the power of citizens advocating for changes to improve ordinary people’s lives, and it’s an honor to participate in that process now as a Democratic candidate. One of my key goals is to make New Jersey an excellent place for retirees to thrive by advocating for creative, thoughtful, affordable living and housing options – generating collaborative plans to ensure greater cross-generational benefits in our neighborhoods.”

Team LD25 has the support of a growing list of elected officials and municipal chairs in the district, including:

Bob Conley, Mayor, Madison Borough

Timothy Dougherty, Mayor, Morristown

Mark Gyorfy, Mayor, Morris Township

Tawanna Cotten, Council Member, Morristown

Amalia Duarte, Committeewoman, Mendham Township; Chair, Morris County Democratic Committee

Rachel Ehrlich, Council Member, Madison Borough

Manny Friedlander, Councilman, Rockaway Township

Donna Guariglia, Township Committee Member, Morris Township

John Hoover, Council Member, Madison Borough

Sandi Mayer, Town Council President, Morristown

William “Bud” Ravitz, Township Committee Member, Morris Township

Karol Ruiz, Alderwoman, 3rd Ward, Dover

Jonathan Sackett, Councilman, Rockaway Township; Chair, Rockaway Township Democratic Committee

Lauren Spirig, Committeewoman, Mendham Township

Nathan Umbriac, Councilman, Morristown; Chair, Morristown Democratic Committee

Sandra Wittner, Alderwoman, 1st Ward, Dover

Anne Augustyn, Vice Chair, Jefferson Township Democratic Committee

Melissa Brown Blaeuer, Co-Chair, West Milford Democratic Committee

Sheryl Coe, Chair, Mount Arlington Democratic Committee

Gary Colucci, Chair, Mine Hill Democratic Committee

Kellie Davidson, Chair, Butler Democratic Committee

Patti Douglass, Chair, Kinnelon Democratic Committee

Nancy Hellriegel, Chair, Mendham Borough Democratic Committee

Alix McLean Jennings, Chair, Madison Democratic Committee

Susan Luciano, Chair, Mendham Township Democratic Committee

Meghan Lynch, Chair, Randolph Democratic Committee

Karen Phelan, Co-Chair, West Milford Democratic Committee

George Quillan, Chair, Morris Township Democratic Committee

“I am proud to support this strong team of candidates. Each brings a unique perspective about why they want to serve the residents who live in this legislative district,” said Morris County Democratic Chair Amalia Duarte. “They are focused on improving the quality of life for residents, listening to their concerns and acting as their advocate.”

“It’s a joy to run with these incredible people for whom I am also so excited to vote,” said Christine Clarke, State Senate candidate and running mate on the Team LD25 ticket. “Please join us at, and thanks so much for your support!”

Frank Cahill
Frank Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since January 1, 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, Lt. Governor of Division 9 Kiwanis Club of NJ, and Chairman of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board. Owner of the Morris now app serving small business in Morris County.

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