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Top 15 Summer Festivals You Can’t-Miss in Morris County


MORRIS COUNTY — Whether you are a traveler or a local, Morris County’s vibrant summer is filled with exciting events and will surely attract you to this wonderful county. Morris County offers something for everyone to enjoy.  

Whether you are a history buff, a music lover, or a big foodie, you will find events that will pique your interest. Moreover, you will get lost in the excitement if you are simply looking for a family-friendly trip or a getaway with your partner.  

Additionally, for the artistes in your or your family, you can send creative crafts and find an incredible flower delivery service to surprise your partner. Here, we have compiled a list of the top events happening this summer in Morris County.  

From fostering a sense of community and offering entertainment, these festivals celebrate the unique heritage and culture of the place. So, mark your calendar, pack your bags, and set off for Morris County this summer! 

Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival  

Date: August  
Location: Morristown Green, Morristown 

Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival is one of the much-awaited festivals. Set off to Morris County this August and enjoy the festivals with friends and family. The best part of this festival is that entry is free for all.  

Held in Morristown, the event hosts a fantastic line of jazz and blues musicians. You will find yourself tuned to the soulful music amidst the green in Morristown. To add to the amazing experience, you will find local food vendors and food trucks nearby offering mouth-watering food.  

Hence, visitors can enjoy a chilled beverage with a hotdog while singing at the Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Additionally, if you get tired of the music and need a recharge, you can enjoy other family-friendly activities or visit the local craft stores.  

New Jersey State Fair 

Date: July- Early August 
Location: Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta 

Right outside Morris County, in Sussex County, you will experience the summer highlight of the New Jersey State Fair. A short drive to Sussex County will be worth it when you enter the magical wonderland.  

Straight out of a fairy tale carnival scene, the New Jersey State Fair is an extensive fair that offers thrilling experiences with horse races, games, and thrilling rides. Moreover, the fair is a haven for people with ‘green thumbs’ where you will find rare and unique agricultural exhibits.  

Interestingly, the fair also includes livestock shows and real horse races that attract viewers from near and faraway lands. Foodies will find a variety of delicious options varying from classic fair options like corn dogs and funnel cakes to more exotic items.  

The fair also boasts a lineup of popular singers and local bands. Moreover, there are a lot of fun kid’s activities like pony rides, petty zoos, and other interactive exhibits.  

Morris County 4-H Fair 

Date: Mid-July 
Location: Chubb Park, Chester 

The Morris County 4-H Fair, held at Chubb Park in Chester, celebrates 4-H members and their achievements. 

The 4-H is the United States’ longest and largest-standing youth development organization. The organization has empowered over six million youth with life skills to change and lead.  

This is one of the most popular family-friendly events that hosts contests, exhibits, and various performances that highlight the talent of the youth in the community.  

Your animal-loving children will love the interactive exhibit of zoo animals where you can pet the animals.  

Moreover, the fair also features different unique crafts and art exhibits created by the 4-H members.  

You will also find multiple entertainment options like dance and music performances to add to the overall festive ambiance. The Morris County 4-H Fair is more than an experience; it’s an educational learning event that promotes community engagement.  

Randolph Freedom Festival 

Date: Early July  
Location: County College of Morris, Randolph  

Randolph Freedom Festival is a great event that jumpstarts the summer with a bang. This patriotic celebration is held at the County College of Morris and features a beautiful fireworks display, live music, and a bustling carnival. The spectacular fireworks show draws families and friends together, and they experience the beautiful night sky lit up.  

Like most fairs, the Randolph Freedom Festival offers many amusement options, such as rides and games. Perfect for thrill seekers and families, the festival also provides delectable food options from vendors who serve tasty treats, snacks, beverages, and full-sized meals.  

Embodying the spirit of Independence Day, the Randolph Freedom Festival offers a fun-filled way to celebrate the 4th of July.  

Chester Craft Show 

Date: Early June and Early September  
Location: Municipal Field, Chester  

In the charming town of Chester, you can visit the Chester Craft Show for an incredible experience to soothe your artiste’s soul. Held twice a year, in June and September, the Chester Craft Show is a haven for artisans and craftsmen alike.  

The event takes place at the Municipal Field in Chester; the event has a footfall of over 200 artisans from across the country. You will be highly impressed with the diversity and the quality of the crafts on exhibit.  

The show makes it a must-see event for any collector or art enthusiast. Moreover, the show also hosts live performances of artists at work.  

You will be amazed by the artistic creativity and talent of artists who create live art. In addition to the artistic marvel on display, you will find local food vendors to keep you full while you’re in the land of art.   

Rockaway Food Truck Festival 

Date: Late June 
Location: Park Lane, Rockaway 

Foodies across the country and visitors should not miss this culinary extravaganza held in late June at Park Lane, Rockaway.  

The Rockaway Food Truck Festival brings all the members of the foodie community together by offering them a diverse selection of food options. These food options include food trucks and other vendors offering unique dishes.  

You will find everything from artisanal pizzas and gourmet burgers to exotic street food and delicious desserts.  

Moreover, you can enjoy your delicious meal against the aesthetic backdrop of Park Lane. You will also find live entertainment and music to add to the festive setting.  

This is the perfect event for all ages. Additionally, you will find some interactive games and activities to enjoy with your family or friends.  

The Rockaway Food Truck Festival is more than a gastronomic festival. It is a community-focused event that brings people together and creates a sense of togetherness.  

Morristown Festival on the Green 

Date: Late September 
Location: Morristown Green, Morristown  

Held in late September, the Morristown Festival on the Green is a bustling event that marks the end of the season with a bang. The festival is held in historic Morristown Green, offering varied events and festivities.  

This vibrant event is in different stages, offering unique musical and live band performances. Sure to get you on your toes with the lively music, the festival allows visitors to explore the unique beer gardens and food vendors. The festival also features many activities for children, such as amusement rides. 

Moreover, local companies and businesses set up small booths providing engaging activities and information to interested visitors. The Morristown Festival on the Green is the best way to end the season. More than an event, the festival offers a great time to delve into community engagement and learn more about the Morristown culture.  

Boonton Main Street Classic Car Show 

Date: Late August 
Location: Main Street, Boonton 

Calling all car enthusiasts to the incredible Boonton Main Street Classic Car Show that will excite you. Held in late August, the Boonton Main Street Classic Car Show boasts a line of classic and vintage cars on Main Street.  

Visitors can marvel at the beauty of the well-maintained and rare classic cars. You will find models of unique and rare cars that include elegant vintage models as well as classic muscle cars. All car stans can enjoy the sights of heritage cars while munching on delicious food from local vendors.  

However, this is not an event exclusive to car enthusiasts. This is a great, family-friendly event that everyone equally enjoys. The charm of Boonton Main Street itself is an experience. Hence, whether you are a car stan or someone looking to enjoy a great summer day, take a stroll down the Main Street for an immersive experience.  

Netcong Day 

Date: Early September  
Location: Downtown Netcong  

Taking place early September, the Netcong Day is a vibrant fair in downtown Netcong. This is a community centric event that features live music, local vendors, and many family-friendly activities. You will find many stalls or booths offering different kinds of things like unique products, food, handicrafts, and others.  

While you’re at the fair, you will find many interactive activities to enjoy with your friends and family. Parents can take their children to the special kids zone where they’ll find games and different fun activities.  

Moreover, while you are exploring the different booths, the live music and entertainment is sure to add to the overall vibe. Netcong Day further includes educational programs and demonstration conducted by local businesses. Hence, all in all Netcong Day is a great event to celebrate community and support local businesses.  

Roxbury Food Truck & Music Festival 

Date: Early August  
Location: Horseshoe Lake, Roxbury  

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Horseshoe Lake, the Roxbury Food Truck & Music Festival is a lively event mixed with the magic of live music and food. The festival is held in August and it provides a perfect setting to try a diverse selection of food.  

In this event you will find food vendors selling a diverse cuisine. From exotic street food, to gourmet meals, and yummy desserts, visitors will find something for everyone’s taste. If you have come with children and need them to stay distracted, this is a perfect place.  

Here, you will find children-friendly activities. While your children are busy in the kid’s area, you can relax against the picturesque view of the Horseshoe Lake.  

Moreover, a day at Roxbury Food Truck & Music Festival is perfect when you can simply relax and vibe to the beats of live music.  

Madison Farmers’ Market 

Date: Every Thursday, June to October  
Location: Central Avenue, Madison  

Held every Thursday from June to October, the Madison Farmers’ Market is a popular weekly event. The farmer’s market offers local goods, live music, and fresh produce. The farmer’s market is held on Central Avenue.  

The market provides the perfect opportunity to visitors to support local businesses and artisans. Moreover, while you here, you will be amazed with the craftsmanship of local vendors. The market provides uplifting music that adds to the entire shopping experience.  

Visitors will also be able to meet and greet locals and other tourists, making the Madison Farmers’ Market a perfect place for fostering connections.  

Hence, whether you are looking for handmade gifts, flowers, or something for your next meal, the Madison Farmers’ Market is the perfect spot to visit.  

Wharton Canal Day Festival 

Date: Early August  
Location: Hugh Force Canal Park, Wharton  

Amongst one of the most unique summer events taking place in Morris County, the Wharton Canal Day Festival commemorates the heritage of Morris Canal.  

Held in early August, the Wharton Canal Day Festival attracts visitors from all over the country to engage in many attractions and activities. Locals and visitors can enjoy the thrilling experience of boat riding on the canal.  

You will feel the fresh air and tranquil waters while you rewind and feel relaxed. Additionally, the festival also offers historical exhibits that show the rich history of the canal.  

If you are not a history buff, fear not, there are other engaging activities to participate in. While you learn the history and significance of the Wharton Canal, you will enjoy the sound of live performances.  

Wrapping Up 

From food and music to crafts and history, Morris County summer events and festivals have something for everyone. These events showcase the best of summer in Morris County and things to do while you are in the vicinity.  

Moreover, these events offer a great opportunity to build relationships and support local businesses.  

You can shop, vibe to the live music, or engage in fin activities with your friends and family. Hence, whether you are a tourist or a local, Morris County offers the best festivities to brighten your summer.  

Frank Cahill
Frank Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since January 1, 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, President Kiwanis Club of Tri-Town, and Chairman of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board. Owner of the Morris now app serving small business in Morris County.

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