Bucco seeks answers on NJ Transit amid further cancellations and delays

Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco

BOONTON TOWNSHIP — Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco said it’s a new year for everyone except NJ Transit commuters who continue to be plagued by the same old cancellations and crowded trains that strain working families, slow our economy and hobble commuters.

NJ.com reported today train cancellations, delays and standing room only at Penn Station for Wednesday evening commute. A NJ Transit spokesperson refused to say exactly how many trains were cancelled.

“Here we are just three days into the new year and commuters are just as frustrated as they were last summer. New season, same problems. For the sake of commuters let’s hope their ‘Summer of Hell’ won’t be followed by a ‘Winter of Hell,’” said Bucco.

Prior to its committee meeting in December, members held a private conference call with NJ Transit’s commissioner to discuss the agency’s ongoing problems. Bucco said, “I am again asking the Assembly Transportation Committee chairman to convene a public hearing that gets to the bottom of the problem. The public has a right to know why we continue to have cancellations and delays.”

Bucco also noted that South Jersey commuters are still waiting for service to resume on the Atlantic City line. Although full service was scheduled to start in early this year, a definitive date hasn’t been set.

“People need to be able to rely on the state’s mass transit system to get between work and home – on time – including working parents trying to make a parent-teacher conference, sporting activity, or just be there for dinner,” concluded Bucco. “Overall poor service is becoming the norm and that is unacceptable. Riders deserve answers and action yesterday.”


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