Florham Park Enters Agreement with Morris County for EMS

Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad

FLORHAM PARK — The Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad will be entering into a partnership with the Morris County Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Medical Services team to supplement emergency medical services (ambulance) coverage within Florham Park at times when the all-volunteer EMS squad cannot provide coverage.

This partnership is made possible by the Morris County Board of Freeholders who have funded the ambulance program to support the volunteers and municipalities in Morris County.

This county government-sponsored program is free to all communities that need EMS backup support. The county ambulance only accepts patient insurance payments. No out-of-pocket expenses are billed to patients, regardless of town of residence.

Also, importantly, the Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad is in need of volunteers. If you have an interest in volunteering with the Squad to serve your community and make a difference in the lives of others, please call (973) 377-4226 to speak with one of our valued team members or sign up online by clicking here  and learn how you can join our family of EMS professionals.

Training is provided at no cost to anyone volunteering.


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