Update: New Jersey Transit Engineer Saves Dog on the tracks


NORTH JERSEY — New Jersey Transit Engineer Anthony Fuzuman saw a dog on the tracks eastbound near Newark. The engineer stopped the train, picked up the dog and brought the dog to Secaucus station where he is safe and warm with station management. The dog was then safely delivered to Secaucus Animal Shelter (which is a no-kill shelter). The shelter requires proof of ownership before they release the dog.

UPDATE: The dog was microchipped and the Secaucus Animal Shelter was able to make contact with the family based on the information from the chip.

The dog, identified as a nine year old Shih Tzu named Daisie, was reunited with the owner, Celeste Zayas, Newark.

The dog was chipped and the shelter contacted the family via the personal info they found.

While at the Secaucus Animal Shelter, the dog had an injury when they found it; The shelter took dog to the vet had it patched up.


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