Hanover Township Recent Home Sales

This new home constructed in 2018 features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is 3,328 square feet. This two-family home has a two car garage and is a single family detached home. This home sold for $945,415.

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Morris Focus has compiled a list of recent home sales in Hanover Township.

Cedar Knolls:
131 Malapardis Road from Fannie Mae to John and Sarah Rich. $455,000.
1 Oak Boulevard from Gustavo Rios to Diomedes Naranjo. $400,000.
62 Grand Avenue from Jason Boudreau to Jami Blake. $532,225.

6 South Belair Avenue from John Rich to Andrew Cecere and Debra Murawski. $372,500.

22 Lynn Terrace from David Ficacci to Jose Coello and Laurinda Cunha. $480,000.
57 Perry Street from Anna Fattal to Matthew Kaufhold. $420,000.
504 Monroe Court from Fleet Hanover LLC to Anthony and Leslie Florio. $945,415.
83 Black Brook Drive from Jura Lu to Cedar Garcia and Pasqua Garcia. $545,000.
1309 Meadow Brook Court from Michael Dephillis to Alex Toto. $407,900.
250 Whippany Road from Joseph Toomey to Nicholas Perruccio and Meghan Tilley. $530,000.
28 Fairchild Place from Tim Korver to Anthony Negri. $516,500.
12 Ford Hill Road from Michael Simpson to Daniel Depugh and Gregory Depugh. $438,000.
1208 Brook Hollow Drive from Phyllis Adams to Anthony Davis and Carly Crescibene. $414,000.
503 Appleton Way from Vito Adragna to Mark Surgent and Kelly Loebs. $367,500.
226 Parsippany Road from Wilmington Savings to Beersheba Philippe. $358,000.
211 Bee Meadow Parkway from Jean Lee to Mark Wenczel and Rebecca Vecchione. $660,000.
12 Independence Drive from John Winquist to Joseph and Cristina Emolo. $587,500.


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