Drumming: A Master Class with Joe Bergamini

Program opened up Progressive Avenue. Mason Bell (guitar), Nicholas Betgamini (guitar) and Louis Perez (Bass guitar)

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — The NJ Coalition for Education and Positive Choices (NJCEPC) and the Hanover Township Cultural Arts Committee presented: “Drumming: A Master Class with Joe Bergamini.”

On Friday, March 15, “A drumming Master Class” was offered to an audience at Whippany Park High School. The evening opened up with a youth band entitled Progressive Avenue with some original pieces mixed with some popular classic rock.

Joe Bergamini

The headliner, Joe Bergamini, then led the class through his musical career from Billy Joel’s Movin’ Out tour to his gigs on Broadway.  Bergamini served as a substitute drummer for numerous broadway shows including; Jersey Boys, Into the Heights, The Lion King and Jesus Christ Superstar.  “Being persistent, never giving up and learning from disappointments were all themes that Bergamini stressed as lessons that shaped his character and his drive to continue on despite not always getting the outcome he desired,” said Bergamini.

The drummer also talked about different drumming styles and his need to adapt the tempo, beat and rhythm for different venues.

The third master class being offered by the Coalition and the committee is tentatively scheduled for November.  At the conclusion of the performance, Hanover Township Committeeman, Thomas “Ace” Gallagher announced with Joe Bergamini their partnership in creating “The Music and Art Division” of The New Jersey Coalition for Education and Positive Choices.  An example of this partnership with this initiative was what took place in this past week with the introduction of The NJ Teen Concert Series and the Joe Bergamini Drum Clinic both held at Whippany Park High School in Hanover Township.

The NJ Coalition 4 Education and Positive Choices is a new action and result-oriented team comprised of several law enforcement agencies, educators, elected officials, scouts, organized sports, musicians, businesses and parents working together to unite our communities in the war against drug and alcohol addiction.


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