Francioli and Gallagher Announce Re-Election Bid

Mayor Ron Francioli and Committeeman Thomas Ace Gallagher

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Hanover Township Committeeman Mayor Ronald Francioli and Committeeman Thomas Ace Gallagher, Director of Public Works, announced at the Republican County Committee meeting that they will be seeking re-election to the township committee in this spring’s Republican primary election.

Francioli and Gallagher committed their intent to continue to serve the people of Hanover and work closely with their fellow committee members to develop strategies and plans to keep our community a safe, affordable and great place to live. Both Francioli and Gallagher worked diligently with their fellow committee members during the recent annual budget process to craft a fiscally conservative budget and continuation of fine municipal services. Hanover remains free of long-term bonded debt and is one of the lowest tax communities in Morris County.

Each pledged their support for one another during the upcoming primary contest commenting that they work well together and focus their efforts on keeping Hanover a great affordable place to live, work and play.


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