Active Shooter Training Held at County College of Morris


MORRIS COUNTY — Local law enforcement members and representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigations held an Active Shooter Training Seminar at the County College of Morris on Thursday, May 2. Multiple members of local law enforcement including Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Lieutenant Jan Monrad, Morris County Sheriff James Gannon, Lieutenant Will Harzula of the Randolph Police Department, FBI Special Agents Scott Nawrocki and Matthew Richert, and County College of Morris Security Director Harvey Jackson presented on the subject. The seminar was attended by over 100 professors and administrators of the college.

The training focused on the best practices to utilize in the event of an active shooter threat on the County College of Morris Campus. A similar training was held at the County College of Morris in October of 2018. This seminar furthered the training from last year, and covered the policy and procedure of the County College of Morris, as well as the resources available to the college. Following the presentation, a question and answer session was held for the professors and administrators in attendance. These professionals pride themselves on ensuring their students’ safety, and were eager to raise any comments or concerns they had on the protocol.

Morris County Prosecutor Fredric Knapp, who was in attendance, said, “All of our students in Morris County deserve the right to further their education in a safe environment. These trainings are important as they ensure that the members of the faculty and staff are aware of the appropriate procedures, and have the capability to instinctively react in the event of an active shooter incident. Thanks are in order to all of the presenters for joining us today”.